Membership Services & Membership Information

Last page update: 09/13/2017

By joining ASAV will you enjoy the following benefits:

  • To celebrate and promote the success of Pure Shagya Arabians among other Shagya breeders
  • To participate in the promotion among its members and to the public for a better understanding and awareness of the Shagya Arabian breed
  • To register your horses with Shagya-Arabian bloodlines – this includes Shagya-Arabians, Shagya-Sportlos and Anglo-Shagyas with the ASAV registry - verified by blood typing and/or DNA
  • To have access to the ASAV Shagya database
  • To leverage from the relations between ASAV and other Shagya organizations worldwide
  • To enjoy good sportsmanship among ASAV members, friends and other Shagya breeders worldwide
  • To benefit from ASAV sponsoring competitions and other activities for the purpose of furthering the public'sknowledge of the Shagya-Arabian and other educational activities at the local, state and national levels
  • To participate in public ASAV sponsored exhibitions and clinics
  • To increase the public awareness of the value of Shagya-Arabian blood when used in sport horse breeding

In addition ASAV provides you with the following services:

  • On a regular basis ASAV will conduct breeding value assessment to give breeders guidance & valuable information about the educated selection of mating pairs.
    Performance testing guidelines are currently developed for our breeding stock to provide breeders the opportunity to obtain additional qualification for their valuable breeding stock.
  • ASAV offers to join an awards program (riders and horses). Awards are giving in several categories each year.
  • ASAV provides a scholarship program for young horse people.

Membership in the American Shagya Arabian Verband gives you the privilege to register your Shagya at membership rates, vote for board of directors and for organizational changes as per the by-laws. You will be listened to, so that we can work together to promote this wonderful breed of horse. 
Your membership will be current when your check is received. You will also get an e-mail confirmation when the check is received. The post mark on the envelope will be the official date of your membership.

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