ASAV is the Shagya-Arabian breeders and owners association in North-America, for the registration and promotion of horses with Shagya-Arabian bloodlines.

 Our mission is to educate the public about the superb qualities of the Shagya-Arabian breed, which has resulted from tough selection-evaluation, over the past centuries. The elite characteristics of the Shagya-Arabian horse - sportiveness & soundness.  A larger framed horse with an Arabian expression and great versatility are recognized and appreciated by horse professionals worldwide. You can find Shagya-Arabians competing successfully in all horse disciplines today.


ASAV provides an affordable membership friendly & open platform for breeders, owners and interested people of horses with Shagya-Arabian bloodlines. The association is managed by its Board of Directors, a group of professionals with many years of business, academia and Shagya-Arabian experience, elected by the membership.


Our Vision is to support our members and breeders in a democratic & professional way and to further promote the Shagya-Arabian breed in North-America and especially the United States. We’ve taken innovative approaches to accomplish this – furthering the growth of the Shagya community as a whole.


Our objective is to attract the interest of horse-lovers to the Shagya-Arabian breed and seed the desire to own a horse with premium qualities.


“To own a Shagya-Arabian is not just a question of status – it is a question of life-style.”

ASAV welcomes all Shagya-Lovers, who enjoy owning a horse of surpassing excellence nature and – at the same time – you own a piece of European history going back for more than 200 years.


“Shagyas -  the Contemporary Arabian.”



About ASAV

 ASAV going into its 15th year of promoting Shagya-Arabians and supporting Shagya Breeders & Owners in North America!


General Purpose:

 The American Shagya Arabian Verband's (ASAV) primary purpose is to record the lineage of Shagya Arabian horses, and govern such infusion of Arabian horse genetic material as needed. To obtain this goal ASAV has established registries for the following Shagya-Arabian horse categories:

Shagya-Arabian(Shagya-Araber purebred)

      Appendix-Shagya- (Appendix to main Shagya-Araber stud book)

      Shagya-Sportlo- (Independent Stud book of horses with Shagya Bloodlines)

      Anglo-Shagya- (Independent Stud book of Shagya Arabian x Thoroughbred)

 ASAV governs and regulates the approval of breeding stock by international standards developed by the International Shagya-Araber Gesellshaft, Hanover, Germany.


 General Education:

 The ASAV educates owners about the history and evolution of the breed so that they can make wise breeding choices. Disseminates educational information about the breed to the public. Established an awards system for performance achievements. Promotes and coordinates with Shagya breeders in the USA and around the world.


 The organization has bi- yearly membership conferences with educational topics and a European knowledgeable Speaker on the breed the open to the public and free for youth groups like 4H groups to attend.   We have along history of disseminating educational information on-line in the Education Center and at other equine conferences- events promoting the breed to the public at large.  


 The ASAV was the first to present a booth at national conferences like the AERC, PNER and USEF’s Young Junior Riders event as well as sponsor the jumps at the Arabian Horse Association’s Sport Horse Nationals.


 A prominent example was our 5th ASAV anniversary Membership Meeting and educational seminar (Attention: large file - extended download time!) was a highlight in 2008 with about 175 members & guests participating in this fully sponsored event that was free to the general public


 The ASAV has the oldest organizationally established Awards Program system for performance and halter achievements dating back to it’s incorporation.   All disciplines are rewards as well as thru national organizations like AERC and USEF groups.


 The ASAV was the first international organization to introduce the Shagya Distance Challenge, today a 25 mile and 50 mile endurance race for all Shagya Arabians, ASAV registered.  The first nationally recognized distance race for breed was established in 2004 to be offered yearly.  The ride is held on both sides of the country with one year  held in the eastern states and the following year held in the western states, allowing more participation.



 ASAV was founded in 2003 as the first non-profit corporation-  incorporated the horse savue’ state of Kentucky for Shagya Arabian Breeders and Owners. Since our conception the association has enjoyed a steady growth in regards to their membership numbers as well as in the number of registered horses.  Our great appeal is it’s promotion and coordination with Shagya breeders in the USA and around the world with support to our members and their achievements. 


 With currently over 150 registered ASAV horses (with more the half, as Purebred Shagya-Arabians) and new registrations coming in on a weekly basis the organization will further evolve.  ASAV is operating from a strong, solvent & healthy foundation.  In 2017, the ASAV Web-Site underwent a major redesign and is now user friendly.


 Along with those changes new membership services and programs where introduced.  As the future lies in the hands of our youth ASAV established a Youth-Program specifically tailored for their needs and knowledge.

ASAV Outlook:

 The ASAV in 2018 will start a Mentorship Program for young adults in their 20- 30’s  (or new horse owners) to connect them with older established owners and breeders to guide them to select breeding stock and peak performance prospects.  Older members can share their lifetimes of experiences with the breed and further the appeal and fellowship with our association.


 Services such as an Education-Center which will evolve as a Source & Library for all kinds of Shagya related material are online accessible now.

 Read also a Letter from the ASAV President.

Future projects

 Further additions to the ASAV Web-Site, Update - Online ASAV Studbook,

Mentorship program and revitalized Youth Program.